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Our Mission


As a parish, we are proud of our history and grateful to the people whose investment of self, made us who we are today. We are especially proud of our programs, our opportunities for service and our Eucharistic liturgies that not only enrich who we are, but give us the grace to face the challenges of the everyday. We are rooted in a Catholic tradition and guided by the spirit to understand that we are all God’s children. It is our hope that you find our parish a welcoming community to support you and your family in the days that lay ahead, as we all become who we are destined to be in God’s eyes.

St. Ann’s Parish is dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment that enriches the spiritual life of its diverse members and that becomes, by example, a role model for Christian action in the Manlius community and the greater Syracuse area. It does so by providing liturgy, education, and a range of activities that encourage Christian community and love of neighbor.

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