Tuesday Second Week of Lent

Are we too busy for God?

How often do we find ourselves running around with an ever expanding to do list and a shrinking amount of time in which to complete it?

Where does prayer rank on our list? For many of us quiet time with Jesus is one of the first things we miss out on when our schedule fills up. We tell ourselves that we can simple pray tomorrow, or at Mass this weekend.

The reality is prayer should be at the top of our list, especially on our busiest days. Prayer keeps us grounded, it gives us the strength to face the impossible, and the ability to overcome whatever life may throw at us. Pray on the simple things, perhaps something like “Lord, I am too tired and stressed to sit still right now.” Sometimes simply having an open conversation with God is enough to ease our minds and bring us closer to Him.

We are not asked to be perfect, just to be honest and open for His divine mercy and love.